♥ Beautiful day at the end of September, wake up very early, having a strong black coffee and ready for the Romantic Wedding in Tuscany of Elio and Ilenia! As a first photographic session, we go towards the Castle of San Fabiano, a splendid historical residence in the middle of the Crete Senesi, a place renowned in Tuscany for its breathtaking views, about 15 kilometers from Siena, where Ilenia is getting ready for the ceremony, while Elio is still in Siena. Then back to Siena for the ceremony, in one of the numerous churches in the historic center. After the ceremony there is time for some photos with all the guests gathered in Piazza del Campo, and then, with the couple, we go to the Duomo, the big Cathedral of Siena, one of the most beautiful church in Italy, for a free romantic couple portrait session in Siena. Then back to the car, towards the Castle of San Fabiano, where waiting for us, there is a fantastic aperitif and a nice lunch in perfetc tuscan style. During the lunch, between one dish and another, we have still time for a intimate couple portrait photo session, taking advantage of some beautiful corners that Castello di San Fabiano offers to the guests. Then the cake cut and the wedding party: a very busy but really a beautiful day for a tuscan wedding photographer like me!


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