Covid & Stress from Pandemic Weddings

How to survive and not freak out trying to organize your beautiful Wedding in Tuscany

These days there are a thousand thoughts that cross my mind, rigorously all together and overlapping properly, just to keep me always on the lookout for who goes there, as if I had not already been there for some time, given the situation of the wedding sector, completely and miserably abandoned to himself, absolutely not calculated by the italian Government. But among the many things that the Coronavirus has blocked and postponed, if the government had not noticed, there are weddings and all the people who work behind the scenes of the big day, starting with wedding planners, wedding photographers & videographers. , florists, cake designers, caterers and wedding location owners. I have certainly forgotten someone, but in any case it’s a big mess for everyone. And for a reportage photographer like me, who has made wedding photography his profession, it is really frustrating not to be able to organize or plan the work, without those dates being inevitably moved, then going to overlap in the following months and causing an overlap of dates unmanageable. And this has been happening for two years. Two years. And seen from the bride and groom’s side, I can imagine the stress and constant worry of not knowing how to get around and how to get organized, starting with how many people will be allowed to invite, if it is possible to host the reception and entertain guests with some music. The doubts are so many and difficult to manage, because certainly a wedding is not exactly an event that is improvised, but it needs a long preparation and organization, things for which you are never really early. Imagine having only a month from when they give us free exit!


wedding photos in castel di pugna siena tuscany

Wedding in Castel di Pugna Siena Tuscany – Alessia Bruchi Fotografia, italian wedding photographer based in siena available for exclusive wedding engagement elopement in Tuscany and Italy


So what happens? It happens that the logistics of pandemic weddings (pass me the term) is a hallucinating STRESS, both for those who get married, but also for those who work there! And it’s not fair that an event that is supposed to be something light-hearted and full of joy turns into a source of anxiety and worry. I know it’s not easy, but don’t let the stress take over you, because we’re all in the same boat and sooner or later, your big day will come anyway. And it will probably be even more beautiful. A day full of emotions and hugs, those that will make your heart beat! So what to do in this waiting period, waiting for the sun to return after the Covid storm?


Alessia Bruchi Fotografia – Italian Wedding Photographer available for Luxury Destination Wedding in Tuscany: San Galgano Abbey, Val d’Orcia, Siena, Firenze, Montepulciano, Crete Senesi, Chianti, San Gimignano, Pienza, Montalcino.



Even if at this moment everything seems to be without solution, you must know that basically there is nothing unsolvable or definitive and that this period will pass sooner or later. So try to find serenity in the little things and use this stand-by time to think a little more about yourself, pampering and regenerating yourself. Take this time as a “bonus” to dedicate yourself to everything for which, for a thousand reasons, you have never had time, such as reading, or that photography course you have never taken.


Wedding Photojournalist in Tuscany

Luxury Wedding in Tuscany, Italy | Alessia Bruchi Italian Wedding Photographer in Tuscany based in Siena, available for romantic and intimate Wedding, Elopement and Engagement.



If you really decided to change the date of your wedding, know that it is good to notify all suppliers as soon as possible, certainly not to put you further anxiety, but rather to make sure you do not have any nasty surprises later on. Arm yourself with patience and start: church, location, catering, florist and last but not least photographer and videographer. However, it could happen that you are faced with the problem of overlapping dates, in that case try to find a consensual solution between both parties, equally involved in this difficult period. As a wedding photographer, I also had some problems with overlapping dates in this period, due to the inevitable shifts in marriages. In fact, of the weddings scheduled for 2020, about half passed in June and September 2021 and the management was not easy. But since the fault lies not with anyone, much less the spouses who have chosen me to tell their wedding in Tuscany, I have always chosen to give back the deposit in case I was completely unable to realize the photo service. It seemed to me a thing that was dutiful and respectful towards those who, in any case, had trusted me. My advice, however, is that if you are a ex 2020 and want to move to the current year, get married midweek, or at least avoid like the plague on Saturday, because you will have a better chance of finding your favorite suppliers free.


wedding portrait san galgano tuscany

Wedding in Montesiepi, San Galgano Abbey, Tuscany – Photo by Alessia Bruchi Fotografia, italian wedding photographer based in siena available for exclusive wedding engagement elopement in Tuscany and Italy



Usually the months before marriage are very stressful times for couples. So why not use this suspended time to make plans, share experiences and thus get to know each other better? Maybe taking the time to also create an engagement photo shoot in Tuscany, to have the memory of a beautiful couple portrait before the wedding, surely indelible and unrepeatable images! In fact, every season has its own colors and the Sienese countryside is always beautiful, but in spring and summer the landscapes are truly unique! All it takes is a beautiful day, a smile on my lips and the desire to have fun, then I do the rest, who as a couple portraitist and wedding photographer Siena, I have the opportunity to accompany my couples from all over the world around the world very often. the most enchanting corners of the Sienese countryside, starting from the Crete Senesi, passing through the splendid Val d’Orcia, up to Montalcino, Pienza, Bagno Vignoni and Montepulciano, invariably creating photo engagement services and breathtaking engagement sessions! If it is true that waiting makes everything more beautiful, then don’t stop dreaming of your wedding in Tuscany, because it will arrive and it will be beautiful!


alessia bruchi prewedding portrait photographer in tuscany

Alessia Bruchi, awaded Engagement Photographer in Tuscany, available for Couple Portrait in Tuscany


итальянский свадебный фотограф из Тосканы

Engagement Photos in Crete Senesi Tuscany. Alessia Bruchi Italian Wedding Photographer based in Tuscany, available for wedding, engagement elopement in tuscany and all Italy


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